Ring drain to be installed at The Essex County Ground


A new ring drainage system will be installed at The Essex County Ground in the next week to help improve drainage during wet periods.

The drain will be installed around the whole square with a trench being dug to enable it to be installed.

Certain areas of the outfield are often affected by rain more than others and the aim is to reduce delay times and in turn improve the spectator experience.

Head Groundsman Stuart Kerrison is delighted at the introduction of the ring drain and said: “We are inserting the drain around the square with the intention of picking up a lot more of the rain and water from the sheets during the season.

“As people know a lot of the water gathers down by the Tom Pearce stand so the idea is to stop that happening with the use of this drain.

“The process has been slightly slow going because we have had to hand dig the drain around the square because of various factors in the ground.



“The whole project should take two to three days and then we will seed the grass, top dress it and then hopefully by March it will be in pristine condition. Going forward now this should make a huge difference and we shouldn’t have any more drainage issues.

“In terms of its impact on match days, it should mean we get play quicker during rain affected breaks. It will take a bit of time to bed in so in three or four years’ time it will be much more efficient but it will also make a big difference going into next season as well.”