Discrimination of any kind is unacceptable. If you are aware of or witness discrimination at any level of cricket in England and Wales, we want to hear from you. Whatever discrimination you are aware of or have witnessed, your report will be reviewed and dealt with by the relevant cricket organisation. Reporting discrimination will help us to ensure cricket is a welcoming, inclusive, and diverse game for everyone.

You can choose whether to report discrimination anonymously or alongside your name and contact details. Only by working together with players, spectators, coaches, officials, and clubs can we make the progress cricket deserves.

Essex Cricket has a confidential email address [email protected] for reporting discriminatory instances of any kind. Alternatively, if you would like to register your concerns anonymously, the Club has an anonymous reporting facility.

You can complete the form below to report an incident or email [email protected].

You can also report discrimination via the ECB’s reporting channel – HERE.

If you are under 16, you should ask your parent or carer to send over your behalf.


Reporting Discrimination

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By pressing submit you are giving your explicit consent to Essex Cricket reviewing the details supplied, investigating the concern.


The Action Plan

The Essex Cricket EDI action plan aims to embed equity, diversity and inclusion into all aspects of cricket, the culture and provision. Including physical environment, staff & player development and recruitment as well as community cohesion. Aiming to really support that the game is for anyone.

Building on Essex in the Community’s three Es philosophy of aiming to excite, engage and enhance, the plan has been developed into a 12-point plan that targets welcoming, developing and achieving.

Included in the plan is a new way of explaining the club values using the E.A.G.L.E.S framework, which breaks down the plan into an easy 6-word format that everyone associated with Essex Cricket should and will follow: Equity, Accessibility for everyone, Grounding in EDI for all, Level playing fields, Esteem and Stay above the line.

To see the EDI Action Plan: