Live Commentary – Essex V Glamorgan


Live Commentary

RESULT | We’ll have a report and reaction from today’s five wicket loss to Glamorgan up later.

RESULT | That’s it from us. I’ve been Matt Lee, taking you through this afternoon’s proceedings, and we thank you all for attending today’s match at The Cloudfm County Ground.

Over 20 | RESULT! Glamorgan win off the final ball with a six. They win by five wickets.

Over 20 | 2 from one ball…

Over 20 | 6 required from two balls…

Over 20 | 6 required from three balls…

Over 20 | It goes into the final over. Glamorgan require 9 runs from this final over to win.

Over 19 | ANOTHER WICKET!! Cooke departs for 49 now as he is caught by Porter from Amir, with Glamorgan requiring 14.

Over 19 | WICKET!! Essex made the much-needed break-through as Ingram departs for 114 as he is run out by Amir. 200-4

Over 18 | 200! That’s the 200-mark for Glamorgan, the visitors require just 20 from 12 balls.

Over 17 | That’s the end of the 17th over, Glamorgan are on 183 and require 37.

Over 16 | Ingram dropped again, this time by Zaidi at square leg with the batsman on 113. 172-3

Over 15 | Ingram finally reaches his 100 as Walter returns with the ball, being hit around for 20. The score is 160-3.

Over 14 | That’s the end of the fourteenth over and Glamorgan are on 140-3.

Over 13 | 129 is the score at the end of the 13th over, 10 added from that over.

Over 12 | End of the 12th over and Glamorgan are on 119-3.

Over 12 | WICKET! Rudolph edges a shot to Third Man and it’s comfortably caught by Porter off Harmer’s bowling for 9. Chris Cooke comes in. 117-3

Over 11 | End of the eleventh over and Glamorgan on 110-2.

Over 10 | We reach the half-way point in Glamorgan’s innings and the visitors are at 104-2. Essex were at 96-2 at this stage in their innings.

Over 9 | That’s the end of the 9th over, the visitors are on 85-2.

Over 8 | End of the 8th over, Glamorgan reach 80-2.

Over 7 | Ingram reaches his fifty midway through the seventh over. Glamorgan end the over on 74-2.

Over 7 | WICKET! Lloyd is caught by Zaidi from Bopara’s bowling for 20. 68-2.

Over 6 | 63-1 is Glamorgan’s score as Bopara picks the ball to bowl the seventh over.

Over 5 | End of the fifth over and Glamorgan are on 42-1.

Over 5 | DROPPED CATCH! Skipper Tendo darts towards Long off but he can not wrap his fingers around the ball and it bobbles away. 31-1.

Over 4 | 0, 4, 0, 1, 6, 0. Glamorgan add eleven more to their score, 30-1.

Over 3 | 4, 0, 0, 0, 2, 0. Six more added to Glamorgan’s total as it creeps to 19-1.

Over 2 | Seven runs conceded from Porter’s debut over. Glamorgan on 13-1.

Over 2 | WICKET! Donald attempts a pull shot to long stop but his bails are smashed away by Porter. 12-1.

Over 1 | Amir concedes just six off that over, with one boundary and two singles from the over.

Over 1 | Mohammad Amir opens the bowling for the hosts. Glamorgan require 220 to win.

ESSEX INNINGS | The Eagles finish their innings on 219 for 4 wickets. We’ll have a short interval now before Glamorgan chase 220 to win.

Over 20 | 100! Chopra reaches his 100 with a fine four to deep mid-wicket before then knocking another single onto the board. Eagles finish on 219-4.

Over 20 | WICKET! Ten Doeschate is bowled first ball of the final over and departs for 6, Zaidi takes his place at the crease.

Over 19 | End of the 19th over and The Eagles reach 209-3.

Over 19 | 200! The Eagles reach the 200-mark with a huge six back over Wagg’s head.

Over 18 | End of the 18th over and The Eagles are on 196-3.

Over 18 | WICKET! Bopara smashes a six to Deep Mid-Wicket but next ball is edged and he is caught by the wicket keeper. 194-3.

Over 17 | End of the 17th over and 183-2 is the current score.

Over 16 | SIXES GALORE! Bopara smashes the first ball back over Ingram’s head and then The Eagles reach 179-2 with a HUGE six over the Press Box.

Over 15 | Three quarters of the overs played and The Eagles are on 153-2.

Over 14 | End of the 14th over and The Eagles reach 143-2.

Over 13 | The Eagles finish the 13th over on 137-2.

Over 12 | End of the 12th over and The Eagles are held on 123-2.

Over 11 | Big hit to Third Man from Bopara for six puts The Eagles on 115-2.

Over 11 | 100 for Eagles! The ton is reached for the hosts midway through the eleventh over. 100-2.

Over 10 | The Eagles reach the half-way mark and are standing strong on 97-2.

Over 10 | 50! Chopra reaches his fifty with a single run from Salter’s bowling.

Over 9 | Nine overs gone and The Eagles are on 87-2. Including one four at Long On from Chopra.

Over 8 | That’s the eighth over compelted and The Eagles are on 79-2.

Over 7 | End of the seventh over and four runs are added to the tally. 74-2.

Over 7 | WICKET Craig Meschede catches Westley at Third Man for 29. Ravi Bopara enters the play now. 72-2.

Over 6 | Seven more added – with Salter dropping Westley – as The Eagles stroll to 69-1.

Over 5 | Marchant de Lange’s time to bowl now and is hit for 17, including three boundaries at Deep Cover. Eagles on 62-1

Over 4 | Graham Wagg takes his first over with the ball and concedes 7. 45-1 is the score.

Over 3 | 1, 1, 6, 6, 2, 0. Strong over from The Eagles, 38-1 on the board now.

Over 2 | Sucessive sixes and a four from Chopra means The Eagles reach 22-1 at the end of the 2nd over.

Over 1 | End of the first over and The Eagles have six on the board following Lawrence’s early departure. 6-1.

Over 1 | WICKET! Third ball of the first over and Lawrence is cleanly bowled by Michael Hogan for 1. Eagles 2-1.