EASST launch small grant scheme


Essex and Southend Sports Trust have recently launched a new grant scheme known as ‘the EASST Small Grants Scheme for Cricket.’

The idea behind the scheme is to support clubs, organisations and schools who are looking to use Cricket to develop their community, by Enhancing the Facilities or Equipment.

The scheme will be available over the whole year and will be via application through Essex Cricket and signed off by EASST.

The total available for this year is £25,000 with grants being up to a maximum of £2000 and can only be up to 50% of the overall costs.

Essex Cricket invite funding applications that meet the criteria in the guidance notes and our knowledge and expertise will provide added value in assessing applications.

Essex and Southend Sports Trust Chairman, Peter Butler, said: “EASST has contributed over £750,000 to grass roots cricket in Essex over the last 14 years by way of grants to 20 different cricket clubs and seven schools and other organisations.

“This new partnership with Essex County Cricket Club will help us expand this offering and assist the widening of our activities into ‘Old Essex’, the five East London Boroughs where Essex Cricket retains responsibility for the recreational game.”

Essex County Cricket Club Head of Cricket Operations, Dan Feist, added: “EASST and Essex County Cricket Club have a long tradition of working together to support the growth of communities through the power of sport and specifically Cricket.

“The small grants schemes will look to support Clubs, Organisations and schools with the development of facilities and help enhance and sustain physical activity and social cohesion in communities.

“A key drive and success of Essex has always been the bedrock of homegrown players in the team and this is a philosophy and value that the Club is keen to build on and this grant supports those first steps to the next generation of successful Essex Cricketers.”