Essex Ace The Cricketer’s Big Cricket Survey


Essex fans are the happiest with their club, according to a poll issued by The Cricketer’s Big Cricket Survey.

The poll questioned cricket fans all over the country about the way their club was run, and 31.58% of Essex fans stated that they were very satisfied with the way the club was run whilst 57.02% claimed that they were fairly satisfied.

This meant a huge 88.60% of fans replied to the poll positively, which was the largest percentage of positive feedback received by any club in the country.

Derek Bowden, Chief Executive of Essex County Cricket Club said: “We’re delighted that the Essex fans are happy with the way we’re running the Club.

“We pride ourselves on being a Members’ Club and we like to keep a constant dialogue with our supporters and ensure that they’re as happy as possible.

“We’re always trying to implement positive changes and it’s good to know that our supporters are recognising this and are on board with us.”

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