Harmer Joins Illustrious Wisden Cricketer Of The Year List


Essex all-rounder Simon Harmer has been named as one of the five Wisden Cricketers of the Year this morning.

The 31-year-old had a truly stunning campaign for Essex in 2019, claiming 83 Championship wickets as Anthony McGrath’s side won a second Division One title in three seasons, as well as captaining the Essex Eagles to their first ever T20 title.

Harmer was naturally delighted to be named a Wisden Cricket of the Year, and said: “I think the biggest thing is the tradition that goes with this award.

“I can remember as a 12 or 13-year-old reading who the Wisden Cricketers of Year were and it’s a pretty prestigious list that’s been going for well over a hundred years.

“It’s something I am extremely proud of because it’s not something I set out to achieve, but when you have a good season and the team wins trophies, these things come along with it. I’m genuinely proud of what we’ve achieved as a team and what I have achieved personally as well.”

Essex teammates Alastair Cook and Jamie Porter were named as Wisden Cricketers of the Year in 2012 and 2018, with Harmer adding: “Jamie obviously won in 2018 so I could see with my own eyes what it was about and how much it meant to him. I’m extremely happy to know I’ll be joining the ranks along with some truly incredible cricketers.”

Harmer is the only 2020 Wisden Cricketer of the Year to be selected based on domestic performances, on which he commented: “Obviously the level of county cricket is really, really high compared to other competitions around the world.

“I think it shows in terms of other people who have won the award over the years. I wouldn’t say I’m carrying everybody this year but it’s a good advertisement for county cricket and good for the domestic game and the players it’s producing. You can see that in the recent performances of the England team.”

Essex’s Past Winners:

1898: F.G. Bull
1902: C.P. McGahey
1904: W. Mead
1905: P.A. Perrin
1915: J.W.H.T. Douglas
1922: H. Ashton
1923: C.A.G. Russell
1934: M.S. Nichols
1939: K. Farnes
1947: T.P.B. Smith
1950: T.E. Bailey
1956: D.J. Insole
1972: B. Taylor
1974: K.D. Boyce
1974: K.W.R. Fletcher
1978: K.S. McEwan
1979: J.K. Lever
1980: G.A. Gooch
1987: J.H. Childs
1988: N.A. Foster
1991: M.E. Waugh
1998: S.G. Law
2003: N. Hussain
2012: A.N. Cook
2018: J.A. Porter