Umpiring Inter League Challenge Launches


Essex Cricket in the Community have been working closely with the ECB and Essex Association of Cricket Official (ACO) to create a brand new recruitment drive for budding umpires across the region.

Following the free online version of the Stage 1 Umpiring course, which was recently released by the ECB, Essex Cricket in the Community have set a challenge for leagues in Essex and surrounding areas to encourage as many people as possible to complete the online course.

There have already been well over 2,000 people who have completed the course so far across England and Wales, and we are keen to continue this growth for the good of the game in Essex.

One positive of lockdown so far has been the opportunities for personal development and new ways to engage with your sport. Umpiring may be something that you haven’t thought about taking up but here is your chance to give it a go.

First-class Umpire, Neil Bainton is supporting the new opportunities for becoming an umpire and said: “I’m sure there’s many players who have thought that they’ve been on the end of a rough decision. The opportunities for people to take the first stage of the ECB’s umpiring course is fantastic and I’m sure it will be chance to come and see if the umpire was actually correct!”

“The online umpires course is open to anyone who would like to take an interest in the role on whatever level, and you never know what it may lead to in the future.”

Other reasons for getting involved include:

• Chance for players, volunteers and parents to engage and develop a new skill during the coming weeks
• Upskill those players who may usually be expected to stand in games with no official umpires
• Create a better understanding of on-field decisions whilst playing and mutual respect for those who already umpire
• Generate more interest for people considering umpiring as a pathway in the future

A league table will run throughout the duration of the challenge and will be available to view across the Essex Cricket in the Community social media channels!

You and your league can get involved right away by:

1. Sign up for the course – Here

2. Select your League on the registration page

3. You will automatically receive a link to access the e-learning portal. This does normally take 3-4 hours, but you can complete within your own time with an option to spread over a number of sessions if you wish.

4. Spread the word! Get your fellow teammates and Club members to represent your league and take up the umpiring challenge!

Don’t forget you can also watch our recent Webinar on umpiring the game that features first-class cricket umpire, Neil Bainton. This is part of our Essex Cricket in the Community Webinar series looking at helping you develop knowledge and understanding from professionals in the game.l