The Essex Lottery – Help grow Cricket all over the South East!


Looking ahead to next week’s fixture against Lancashire, Essex Cricket are excited to launch the Cricket Foundation lottery to be run alongside Lancashire Cricket; who have had a great take up in recent years which has allowed for development in school and community projects.

The lottery will be used as a way for everyone involved with Essex Cricket; including Players, Coaches and Legends of the Club, to help raise funds in order to excite, engage and enhance communities all over the South-East, through the Essex Cricket Foundation.

The foundation, which was founded in the Autumn of 2015, took over the role as the official charity arm of Essex County Cricket Club, continuing the excellent work of The Essex Cricket & Community Trust. Offering funding for the game and experiences that make a positive change to the lives of all different people and communities, in order to develop the interest in the game at all levels concentrating on physical/mental health, employability, community cohesion and player development.

You can join yourself by becoming a ‘Friend of the Foundation’ through getting involved in the weekly draw, that provides a chance to win up to £5,000 in cash prizes and receive invitations to exclusive events. Creating an exclusive group of members to support and increase the work within the community.

Joining is easy, the cost is just £2 per week, all you need to do is complete the application form to pay by direct debit (£8.68 per month) and select your own four lucky numbers, therefore making a positive impact and becoming a ‘friend’ of Essex Cricket and the Essex Cricket Foundation.