Ronnie Jackson picked for England Disability Duty Down Under


Essex Cricket’s Ronnie Jackson has been selected for England Learning Disability XI in their T20¬†Series down in Australia.

England learning disability (LD) squad: Chris Edwards (c), Dan Bowser, Jordyn Dore, Jonny Gale, Martin Henderson, Robert Hewitt, Ronnie Jackson, Alex Jervis, Daniel Levey, Kieron McKinney, Andrew Mowatt, Jack Perry, Kester Sainsbury, Thomas Wilson, Tayler Young. Coach: Lauren Rowles.

The first game saw Ronnie come in at 4 after his England team mates had got off to a great start in pursuit of Australia’s 122, however he fell as England neared the total trying to finish it in style for 14. With England winning the opener they led the series 1-0, before the second of a double header. The second game saw England win the toss and elect to bat, with Jackson coming in early as England found themselves on 3/2. After the 20 overs though, they had got themselves to a competitive total of 117. Then bowling Australia for 89 out, gave England a 2-0 lead in the series.

International Inclusion T20 Series
The double-header was part of the International Inclusion T20 Series, which is the first tour since the start of pandemic for the England Learning Disability XI.

To be part of the Learning Disability XI there’s three factors, and players have to meet all three of the criteria to be considered eligible. Firstly, it’s significant impairment in intellectual functioning, which is defined as a Full-Scale IQ score of 75 or lower. Secondly, significant limitations in adaptive behaviour as expressed in conceptual, social, and practical adaptive skills, ie performance that is at least two standard deviations below the usual. Finally, the intellectual disability must be evident before the athlete turned 18.