Street Chance is an alternative format of cricket which works well in urban areas lacking in green spaces. Sessions are targeted towards areas of social deprivation; areas with large black and minority ethnic communities; and neighbourhoods identified by police where youth crime and anti-social behaviour are prevalent. Sessions are held at a variety of Hub Sites throughout Essex on weekday evenings, which combine cricket coaching.

Street Chance hub sites use a fast-paced version of tape-ball cricket – a tennis ball wrapped in electrical tape – where each innings lasts for 20 balls and games last for just 20 minutes. It can be played with limited equipment and adapted to be played in almost any space, ideal for inner-city venues.

Street Chance places a strong emphasis on training and developing strong leaders in the communities. A range of CPD opportunities is provided for those involved in Street Chance. There are Cricket Activators courses run throughout schools; a Young Ambassadors Group giving participants a voice in the running of the programme; coach education courses leading to employment; and additional training for coaches, teachers and police officers where necessary.

For more information please contact Essex Cricket in the Community:- [email protected]