Information on the ECB’s Leagues Loan is now available: Here

If clubs/leagues are not eligible for either Local Authority or Sport England funding and still require financial assistance or simply to update us on their current circumstances to touch base with Graham Pryke or Arfan Akram.

Further to ECB’s announcement on 31 March, today the ECB announced its Loan and Grant Scheme.

The Grant has been launched as the final resort so we would, therefore, encourage all Clubs and Leagues to ensure they have applied for the following first:

1. Government’s Local Authority Small Business Grant. For more information – Here
2. The ECB Loan scheme – Here
3. The ECB Grant – Here
4. Community Initiative Fund – Here

Sport England:

Interested in finding out more about crowdfunding for sport? Are you part of a not-for-profit organisation committed to keeping the community physically active? Do you need some money to help support your organisation? Crowdfunding could help…

• Register for the event to receive more information – Here



Please contact one our Development Managers for more assistance.

Graham Pryke – Leagues and Clubs, Lead on Funding – [email protected]

Arfan Akram – East London Clubs and Leagues – [email protected]